Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday odds and ends.

I didn't plant the spinach and lettuce yesterday.  Instead I put in more epazote (none of the first seeds sprouted) and shiso.  Will get the other done today.  Mild temps but still too cold to leave the doors open.  I saw only a bit of ice on three containers yesterday.  It should be gone by the end of this coming week since we expect a couple of days in the 60s.  I am beginning to think about what transplants I will need to get from the garden shops.  Definitely need some new spearmint and peppermint.  Well, I did get four pots each of Garnet Rose (lettuce), Petite Sanguine Ameliore (lettuce), Baby Leaf (spinach), and Big Ruffles (spinach) planted.  Nothing new coming up.  I made good progress on the hat I am crocheting.  Working on the brim now and should be done by tomorrow at the latest.

Oh, how this story resonates.  Computers made me feel stupid 25 years ago and continue to do so now.  Every time some new computerized function is added to a "smart" phone, car, or kitchen appliance I grumble "I don't want a thing that is smarter than I am."  (By the way my IQ is around 170).  But my real quarrel with computerized gadgets isn't how "smart" they are.  I really don't want something that has wonderful features that are only wonderful for separating me from my money and not for helping me do anything I really need to do.  And I don't need time saving devices that don't really save me time.  It is a bit like instant oatmeal--it isn't really instant and it doesn't taste any better than the old fashioned.  The more features are incorporated the thicker the instruction book gets and the longer it takes to learn how to work the damned thing.  Has anyone else noticed that the more complicated our things get the shorter their life?  They tend to fail so much more quickly.

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