Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday--and it is starting out just like Thursday left off: wet and cold.  We turned the furnace back on as our inside temps fell to 65F or a bit less.  Probably less since the thermometers we have away from the controlling thermostat for the furnace are registering 60-62.  Outside the thermometer read about 40.  (Update: it is snowing slightly northwest of Chicago.  Yes--I said "snowing."  Hope it stays north of us.)

So far everything already planted is fine.  The cloches are doing their job especially with the tomatoes and peppers.  The last of the plants I ordered--the geraniums--arrived yesterday.  They will stay in their box until tomorrow or Sunday when we hope to get warmer temps and some sun.  By then I will also have a new tomato to replace the Amish paste that broke as I tried to transplant it.

I won't tell you what I thought as I read this item.  Privatization marches on and the results won't be pretty.  I am not surprised at the sneaky way it was slipped into a bill extending tax breaks.  I am sure it will get bi-partisan support from our bought-and-paid-for legislature.

For a very long time now I have refused to participate in any of the dietary fads that flow through our society repeatedly.  I refused to buy turkey "bacon" or "sausage" or "bologna."  I resent having to buy beef bologna but  try finding old fashioned pork versions.  I don't buy the light or low or no fat products.  My milk is full strength as is my cottage cheese, cheeses, sour cream and yogurt.  I don't believe in the health claims on any of the "heart healthy" products and "gluten free" has never impressed me.  I am as skeptical of the dietary noise as I am of the medical noise.  This explains why.

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