Saturday, May 10, 2014

work-life balance??, truth??,


Yesterday was wet and dismal for the most part.  And then it got very warm out on the patio when the sun finally came out.  We simply took the day to do nothing much.  Everything outside is doing very well.  The Arctic Flame rose actually has a bud on it.  I will get some more done out there today.  Tomorrow we expect rain again so probably won't get much more done until Monday.

For sometime I have read articles which tell say that the jobs that are growing are those which can't be exported or automated.  Well, this article tells me that if employers can't export or automate they will do their infernal best to force people to function as robots.  Algorithms don't have to worry about "work-life balance" so why should people.

I saw a teaser headline that reminded me of so many others I have read so often.  It reads "What must subpoenaed VA chief tell Congress."  How about the truth?  That might be refreshing.  But framing the issue as what he must tell Congress hints at something else--as in what Congressmen/women want to hear for their own political purposes.  And I don't expect the hearings to produce any positive results.  That would require Congress to do its job and pass a reasonable budget.

The political points may be cheap but the committee will be costly--as in paid for by the taxpayers.

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