Monday, May 12, 2014

Garden update.


We had thunderstorms last night with heavy rain.  I woke to find two of my peppers, one tomato, and the shiso lying down.  Not broken, thankfully.  I put them back upright with a support and today I will make some more cloches because we are supposed to get more thunderstorms later today and overnight.  The news reported a tornado just four miles south of Rensselaer--not all that far away.  And flooding north west of here.  I got all of the plants put out--three lavender added to the container with the shiso and roma tomato; two lemon basil and two gold leaf lemon thyme in another; one each of patio princess tomato, corno di toro rosso pepper, lipstick pepper and albino bullnose pepper in their own pots; three stevia and one sage in the container with the borage; purple basil and sweet basil in with the bee balm; and spearmint and peppermint in their own pots.  The scented geraniums haven't arrived yet and I still have the better parts of two containers and four fence pot hangers to fill yet.  Oh, I almost forgot--all my strawberries are in.

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