Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday.  Not bad start to the morning.  About 50F and expected to get up to the low 70s.  I hope I still have some cypress vine seeds because the seedlings didn't survive the cold at the end of last week.  Everything else survived pretty well.  I got some cleaning up done yesterday and unpacked the geraniums.  Put them in the greenhouse overnight to harden a bit.  Mom loved the scent.  We are both looking forward to seeing it bloom.  More cleaning up on the schedule for today.

I really hate all of the "nanny" organizations out there.  Now a couple are spearheading a movement to "regulate" food the way cigarettes are regulated.  And put pictures on food products showing the nasty effects of obesity.  Crap!!  Pointless Crap!!  None of the suggestions touch the most basic problems concerning obesity: a largely sedentary culture, a food manufacturing industry that has taken a couple pages out of the tobacco industry's play book (deny their products are a problem, pack as much salt, fat and sugar into them as possible, and pay tame scientists to get the "scientific" data to exonerate them), and buy off the legislators and government agencies that want to regulate them.

What do you do when you live in a small, isolated village without any resident armed law enforcement and any other law officers are a long plane ride away and someone threatens violence?  Banish him!!

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