Sunday, May 4, 2014


Sunny and cool today.  The weather people say we may stay in the 50s.  But they also promise us an 80 later in the coming week.

Saw this item this morning.  The author makes an uncomfortable amount of sense.  After reading about the botched Oklahoma execution I though we should bring back hanging.  At least, if the hanging was screwed up, the condemned man would not have taken 45 minutes to strangle.  And I agree with his comment that executions are more often about vengeance than about justice.

This is interesting.  I saw a headline sometime last week on a theme of how our poor aren't really poor because, after all, they can afford cell phones and flat-screne TVs.  I didn't read the article so I don't know what side of the argument that author came down on.  But the graph presented in the linked article explains that phenomenon.  Everything we need has become more expensive (food, transportation, health care, child care, education) while things we need to a lesser extent or not at all are have become less expensive.

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