Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday--cold but not as cold as I feared it would get.  The weather forecast maps showed our location on the good edge of a frost warning area.  I managed to find or make covers for all of my tenderest plants and everything looks ok this morning.  Some of the rain we had was hard enough to knock leaves off a couple of the plants--mostly on the little lavenders.  Warmer--much more seasonal--weather is supposed to come in over this next week.  It certainly hasn't felt like any kind of spring this year.

Sunday--much the same as Saturday but hoping for warmer temps and sun.  We actually got into the low 60s and may get warmer today.  I have a tomato and scented geraniums to get planted a bit later.  I may get everything uncovered--depends on what I see on the weather forecast.

I wanted to get a pheromone trap for those pesky Japanese beetles and debated earlier when I put in my seed and plant orders whether I should get them from one of the companies I was getting seeds from.  But I decided I would see if one of the local stores had them.  Glad I waited.  I found a couple of brands when I went looking for a new tomato to replace the one I broke while transplanting it.  They were considerably cheaper than what the mail order companies carried.  I am not a "cheap is always good" type of person but I figure cheap is a good way to go to try out something I haven't done before.

I have seen a lot more heirloom varieties of veggies at our local garden shops.  I found a Biltmore tomato and decided to give it a try.  You can see details of the variety here.  We'll see how it works out.

When I saw the headline on this story I thought of the California company which had to recall a year's worth of product because the meat hadn't been inspected.  However, it appears to involve a bit more.  In my mind, using inspection documents issued for another plant should constitute fraud.

Interesting!!  Farmer's Insurance is filing a class action lawsuit against 200 or so communities in the Chicago area for failing to prepare their sewer and storm water systems for the more frequent and heavier rains that are predicted to come with climate change.  I wonder where the money is to come from for either the upgrades needed or the costs of the suit--win or lose.

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