Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Grocery shopping on the agenda for today and voting in the primary here.  And getting some of the gardening done.  We stopped at two of the local garden shops to get the garden soil I need to add to my containers.  Found some unusual strawberries and picked up the sweet basil, purple basil, spearmint and peppermint.  I need to clear out the mini-greenhouse and move the seedlings upstairs out to it.  We should be getting 80s tomorrow and thursday so I think it is time to get plants out in the containers.

On the latest Supreme Court inanity--the Rude Pundit says it well:  public prayer is always coercive.  And all too often we are constrained to grit our teeth and bear it because we have been taught good manners.  Sam Smith at Undernews has a few good remarks as well.

And here we go again!!  I have yet to read a good explanation.

Our evening news here had a segment on the new public report from the Federal government on climate change.  Evidently the Obama administration wants to do something about it.  Right after that a soundbite from Mitch McConnell pooh-poohing any political action.  The Agonist has this time which tells volumes on people's reaction to the science.  I especially liked the comment.

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