Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday.  Cool last night which made it lovely sleeping.  Temps are supposed to be a bit cooler today and dry.  Good time to get some of the garden shed cleaned up and straightened out.  I still have some large spots in the garden to fill.  I will be going through my seeds to see what I can direct sow and have a reasonable expectation of something growing.

I started to write "sew" in that first paragraph because I had just read this article.  I would love to see a similar mindset on this side of the Atlantic.

Yippee!!  The hummingbirds are back.  One found her way to our feeder this morning.  They may have been here for a little while already.  I realized that we changed our morning coffee ritual.  We used to drink our coffee at the dining table which gives a good view of the feeder.  Now we take our wake up juice in the living room with the TV and our computers.  I can see the feeder but might easily miss a small bird flitting around the feeder.  Oh, well!!

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