Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday--and still wet.  Also COLD.  Over night temps got down to about 40F last night.

We also had more rain.  The weather people say we won't get sun until the weekend.  I am glad I got all my most tender plants under cloches.  I will check everything out later when we have more light.

I didn't see anything I wanted to comment on yesterday.  Let's see what is out there today.  I found a nice stand of borage has emerged in its container and about half of the beans and melons.  Still nothing from the hibiscus but I am trying to be patient since I saw nothing on the hibiscus the city planted in its patches.

Want to be happier?  Take up gardening!  Gardeners, according to research, are happier than average and the more time they spend gardening the happier they are.  Works for me.

As I read this piece I thought: how nice!!  Another "solution" to a problem that will be about as useless as teats on a bull.  I thought the quotation marks because given I felt that refinancing student loans at a lower interest rate would be as effective as refinancing underwater mortgages at lower interest rates--not very.  All it does is keep up the pretense that the debt is repayable under current or likely future economic conditions.  What we really need is a means of discharging student debt by bankruptcy which we aren't likely to get.

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