Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friday.  Nice and sunny so far.  Temperatures should rise into the mid-70s.  Nice for doing some gardening.  I was just thinking I should take some pictures.  I am well behind on doing that but then the garden itself is behind.  I still have some bare spots that need filling.  Some of the plants I had started inside didn't make it and I haven't yet figured out what I want to put in their place.  Usually, this late in spring, I would have every space filled and have several pots on the table or scattered around the patio in every spot I could place them.  Oh, well, the gardens have always evolved over the spring and summer.  They never fall into the shape I imagined in the winter and early spring.

Saturday.  Should be warm and sunny today.  Yesterday's weather was as advertised and delightful.  We had to go out to get a couple of items at the grocery store and mom need a couple of items from the drugstore so we went back to one of our favorite garden shops to try to find a hanging plant that would counterbalance the new bird feeder.  Well, we found an interesting iron spiral with three rings for small pots and picked it (along with appropriate pots) and some transplants to fill them.  It seemed to work when we put the frame and pots on the hook opposite the bird feeder.   So I moved my large pots of blue lake pole beans and exchanged it with the same sized pot with spearmint.  Otherwise the pole beans would grow tall enough to obstruct our view of the planter.  And then reassemble the pot tower.  Well, as often happens, my plans went askew.  The filled pots and hanger more than counterbalanced the bird feeder and I couldn't find a way to stabilize the shepherd's hook.  So, I shifted the hanger to another hook where it seems to be doing quite well.  That still leaves one hook free for the pheromone trap I have planned for those pesky Japanese beetles.

I have a few other gardening related chores planned today: finding a place for the last of the transplants we got yesterday, moving half of the hyssop to another container, bringing out the dehydrator, and starting a new round of some of the plants that failed inside earlier this spring and, maybe, take some pictures.

About four or so years ago I saw an interesting construct but didn't try to construct it myself.  Finding space in my gardens for something new is difficult and usually requires taking something else out which can be physically taxing and logistically mind bending.  But the Tipsy pots (or topsy-turvy planters) were intriguing.  No, I won't be doing any of my own but my local Home Depot has them on sale this year.  I have noticed they are carrying more of the patio and container gardening supplies and plants.

An interesting thought on the movement to legalize marijuana at the Federal level.  Be careful what you wish for.

I found this disquieting item by way of another site.  I generally don't read or view Fox News and most of what I do get from it I take with a ton of salt.  However, this I have found on other sites as well (or similar stories.)  And most of the "threats" were hoaxes or expressions of frustration that in a saner age would have been taken with a grain of salt.  And too many of the real threats have slid under the radar.  When your society seems to have gone insane you don't know how to react to what.  I hadn't intended to link to the site where I found the original link because I usually try to link to the source.  However, the last quote asks a very good question:  what does it teach the kids that we consign them to prison for 13 of their first 18 years?  And, in case you are as skeptical of Fox (or Faux, as some call it), here is the local NBC account.

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