Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday.  Had periodically heavy rains from late yesterday afternoon.  We are between showers now but more may be coming.  I checked everything in the gardens and nothing was damaged.  I finally see some sprouts of hibiscus.  The sources I checked to find out if I should have been worried were right.  Outside the plants emerge in the late spring.  I started the bare-root plant last year inside and it was growing well early.  This year it had to contend with our very cool spring.  The tomatoes and peppers are all doing very well as are two of the three begonias (one of which is showing buds.)  I still have room for more plants which feels strange.  Usually I have the entire area filled with extra plants I am trying to find someplace for.  A very unusual spring season all around.  Oh, well--next Tuesday is opening day for our city farm market.  I will check out what plants the venders there have.

I was glad to see reports about a month ago that the Social Security Administration was stopping its practice of going after family members to repay overpayments to recipients.  Most never knew about the overpayments until they were contacted by the SSA or had tax refunds confiscated.  This story warms my heart. However, why did it take the publicity to make the SSA correct the problem and refund the money?

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