Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday.  Welcome to the last day of June.  This year is half gone.  We see lightening in the sky so far this morning.  Whether it gives us rain is another question.  We'll see.

Well, we can see outside now.  We have had some moderately heavy rain and high winds.  No garden work today.  If we get a clear spot (new rounds of rain expected later) I will take a look outside.

Damn!!  The Japanese beetles are back--right on time.  My info says they reappear around July 1 and that is tomorrow.  I will put out the pheromone trap I picked up a while back.  They have gone from nothing to more-than-I-like overnight.

Interesting take on the situation in Iraq and Syria.  There are times when I read something and say "Naaah!! That has to be wrong."  Often I find out that "OH, SHIT.  It is accurate."  What sent me to Google was the notion that ISIS is resorting to crucifixion not the description of the political instability of even apparently stable regimes in the area.  That last accords with what I have been reading elsewhere.

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