Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wednesday.  Supposed to be cool and wet today.  We shouldn't get some of that severe weather they showed on the news last night, thankfully.  It looked dry right now but then it is still dark so can't see much.  Well, I can see outside now and it is wet.  So, nothing outside.

I love Tom Englehardt's blog tomdispatch.   He has another good one by Peter Van Buren: A Rising Tide Lift All Yachts.

Thursday.  Real cool this morning--low 50s.  But should be sunny today and no rain till Saturday night.  We had a good day of rain yesterday with a couple of hard downpours.  I won't have to water anything for a day or two except for the sees I have started in the greenhouse.  I found three ripe strawberries which we enjoyed fresh out of the gardens.  All the plants look happy to have a break from the heat we had early over last weekend.

I guess "domestic outsourcing" sounds better than "privatization."  Whatever you call it the losers are workers who lose wages and benefits.  I keep thinking of the argument I have seen for months now on economics posts on whether we can expect inflation or deflation in the near future.  Well, I guess we have both: price inflation (though not recognized by the government agencies that measure inflation) and wage deflation.

I missed this article on Dow Chemical's effort to get a pesticide that combines 2,4-D (of Agent Orange infamy) and glyphosate (a.k.a. Roundup when made by Monsanto).  The EPA has opened up comments from the public on the possible (probably?) approval since (supposedly) the new formulation makes drift less likely reducing the danger to nearby fields from "accidental" exposure.

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