Friday, June 20, 2014

Wednesday.  It was hot enough yesterday we put the air on.  That system that slammed Kansas and did damage in Wisconsin is near enough to increase the humidity though we haven't received any rain.  I have to soak the gardens well this morning while it is somewhat cool.  The news showed snow in parts of Utah.  Snow in June.

Thursday.  Yesterdays remarks about the weather could be pasted here with only a little editing. I don't have to water anything.  We got rain from mid afternoon on.  The early phase of the storm hit with high winds driving a heavy downpour that left one of my peppers and two tomatoes laying on down.  Luckily they didn't break and I was able to stand them back up and stake them.  Everything else was fine.  I have a new stevia to plant but I won't do that today--maybe not tomorrow.  It is safe in the greenhouse until things dry out.

Mark Morford has a take on the "internet of things" I can sympathize with.  How many of our things need to be connected?  How much will such things make our lives easier--or more comfortable--or more interesting?  As he points out, only a minuscule number of these so-called products will actually be "brilliant and innovative" while the rest are bound for the land fill.

Friday.  Rained most of the night (at times heavy) after a pretty dry day with temps in the mid-80s.  Looked out yesterday and actually felt satisfied with how the gardens are progressing.  It looks quite pretty.  Most of this spring I have been rather dissatisfied and discontented.  Everything seemed very behind time and the weather miserable.  I still have spots to fill and the second rose has, I think, given up.  I won't take it out until fall because the tomato sharing that container is doing very nicely.  I don't think it will dry out enough to do much until tomorrow.

Ah, well--just did a brief walk around the gardens.  Most everything is doing well--except the mystery plant which has been fairly flattened.  I will take it out (when things dry out) and put in my shiso and bee balm starts.  I am surprised because that plant was in a protected corner and stood up to the wind and rain which earlier put one of the peppers and one of the tomatoes in horizontal positions.

At last--asking (one of) the right questions: "and then what?"  I just hope the answers bear some resemblance to reality.

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