Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday.  Cool again this morning.  We should get rain later today which I won't mind because I might not have to water anything.

I hadn't planned any gardening yesterday but got a good bit done anyway.  Transplanted the summer savory into its place.  Found a volunteer hyssop in the wrong place and transplanted it to where it should be.  My new seed starts of melon are doing nicely and growing quickly.  I only got one of six of the original starts but the replacement five are coming up well.

Cut stevia, sage and spearmint and got it all dried.  I used the molcajete we picked up last fall from a little Mexican grocer that, sadly, is no longer operating.  For those who aren't familiar with the molcajete take a look here.  Over the last few years I have tried several grinders to grind my dried herbs and haven't been happy with any of them.  We have two small mortars and pestles but they don't do the job as well as I would like.  The molcajete however did a beautiful job of reducing whole dried leaves to consistent crumbles in very quick order.

Trimmed the tomatoes also and got the bean vines twined around the lower trellis crosspieces. They are doing very nicely.  So are the peppers which, along with the tomatoes, need staking soon.

I still have a couple of bare spots that I would like to fill.  Should get one taken care of with transplants of yellow crook-neck squash, if I can find them while we are out today.  I might find something interesting for the other spots.  If not, I have some possible seedlings in the little greenhouse.  The lavender, shiso, bee balm, and wonderberry are coming along nicely.  First time I have succeeded in getting this far with either the lavender and wonderberry.  The epazote however is still not showing anything at all.  But I won't reseed it just yet because it is a slow germinator.  Also this inconsistent weather might be a problem.  Epazote like it warm and we have had some cool days and cooler nights.

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