Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday.  We seem to be in the middle of a hot and humid spell with chances of storms right now. We had planned to take the garden walk yesterday but the heat and humidity took our ambition away. I did get my last seedlings transplanted.  I was very glad I put all of those small plants under cloches. The really heavy rain late yesterday would have smashed those plants flat.  I probably won't have to water anything today.  We still have spotty showers this morning and expect more later.

One of the broadcast news programs had a piece on this a month or so ago.  I wish some of the excess water falling on the upper midwest could detour to California.

For more than a decade I asked "what happens in a consumer economy when the consumer can't (or won't) consume on the heroic scale of the recent past?"  Well, we have our answer.  (I don't agree completely with the sentiments of the author but I think many of his points are on target. And character assassination doesn't help support his arguments.)

It is amazing what money, or the threat of a lack of it, will do in politics.  Marijuana has long been a Schedule 1 substance, along with opium derivatives and hallucinogens.  Not because it is as dangerous other schedule 1 drugs but because it was supposed by so-called experts to be a "gate-way" to more the dangerous drugs.  Now, because the DEA is faced with possible loss of enforcement funding, it has become less dangerous??

Here is a delightful little story from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  It had us giggling in delight.

I didn't realize that charity work was a "competitive" business with "trade secretes" to protect.  Evidently, the American Red Cross does and uses that as an excuse to refuse requests for information on how it spends the donations it receives.  A good reason not to donate if you are so inclined.

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