Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday.  In the gardens--harvested shiso and got it dried.  Trimmed a couple of the tomato plants.  Potted all the four new petunias which look very pretty on the fence.  Watered everything which surprised me a bit because of the rain we have had over the last week.  But even though I have a lot of large (and larger) pots they have large plants in them and those large plants suck up moisture very fast.  I need to harvest the lemon thyme and dry it.  I will probably get a full dehydrator out of it.

Just when you thought politics couldn't get any weirder something like this happens.

Found this on Senior Planet.  No, I won't be getting the book but I like some of the points quoted.  When we aren't annoyed by the anti-aging commercials we are laughing.  Well, they do say having a good laugh is healthy.  I agree on the wrinkles--I have earned them and every gray hair.  I am wearing mine with pride.

Are we really so dumb that we will rush out to buy a pink or purple pen advertised as "for women?"  Bic seems to think so.  Crap!!

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