Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday 2.  Now that I have posted the pictures of the garden let's see if there is anything I want to comment on in the usual trip through the internet.

I just saw a rather stupid headline just now.  "Failed us?:  Should Obama have foreseen the Iraq crisis?"  That was the teaser headline.  The actual headline references the opinion of so-called experts that the events should have been anticipated.  Well, yes--but why should the blame be place on Obama only?  Where were his advisors?  The author of the article seems to give us a choice between a failure of our intelligence services or a policy failure on the part of Obama and his advisors.  Why not some of both?  And it irritates me to hell and back that idiots like John McCain and the Repthuglican talking heads (along with a few Damnocrat allies) want us to get back in that quicksand.  I think I would die of shock if someone, anyone, in our government actually admitted that a) it is their country and their oil, b) that we can't remake them to resemble us and we shouldn't try, and c) we could better employ our money and personnel dealing with our own problems.

Nice bit of archeology.  I guess that "a spoonful of sugar" would definitely be needed to make this medicine go down.

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