Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday.  Foggy this morning.  Not bad but I will wait till it clears before I do anything in the gardens.  I found a nice handful of strawberries on my plants yesterday.  They are destined for our morning cereal.  I pulled the mystery plant and the remains of the hibiscus.  Sad that one didn't make it through the winter.  It was so pretty and we enjoyed it so much.  I have three small pots of shiso I will put in that spot.  Our weather people are predicting hit and miss storms so I will put them under cloches.  I found early buds on my melon plants and on the bean vines.  I also have some lavender seedlings and a chamomile to put in.  Cloches for them too.  And a lot of weeding.

Pitted about two-and-half pounds of cherries most of which are not in the freezer.  I put them on a tray to freeze individually so I need to package them up today.  The ones we put on our cereal were a real treat.  We may pick up some more if we find some at a good price when we shop next week.  I am planning to harvest and dry some shiso today.  I have another plant that is thriving in its space.  Looking forward to experimenting with it.

Friday.  I didn't get the shiso picked because we decided to do some errands yesterday rather than next Monday as we had planned.  The weather looks a bit more unsettled early next week.  While we were out we picked up some red petunias that I will put in the over-the-fence holders.  The hummingbirds appear to like the purple ones so we will give them something else to play with.  I watched one looking over the portulaca which is blooming very nicely.  I saw a bumblebee working among the melon blossoms.  I did get the lavender, shiso, and chamomile seedlings put out.

Found this on Americablog.  Didn't say anything I didn't know about how over-the-counter drug makers try to hoodwink customers but it was interesting to read a doctor's take on the issue.  I agree with his final assessment: hands on wallet in pocket and eyes open.  I would add: skepticism antennae on full.

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