Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday.  Foggy so far.  Should be mid-80s with possible thunderstorms late afternoon.  Welcome to Summer-it is the summer solstice today.  Hope it is dry enough for some garden work before it gets too warm or the storms come.

Amazon made a bit of a splash with a preliminary plan to use drones to deliver packages.  A couple of other commercial outfits jumped on the bandwagon.  Perhaps they should read this.  And perhaps the FAA should also before it approves such drone flights in the U.S.  We have had several airplane crashes in populated areas over the last couple of years.  Why add to the danger from things falling out of the skies?  Just this morning Good Morning America has an account of another plane crash that killed two and destroyed at least one house.  Here is the NBC account.  Rather makes my point--we don't need more flying objects in our already crowded air space.

We haven't heard much about the ebola outbreak in west Africa lately.  If the Doctors Without Borders spokesman quoted by NBC news is right it is spreading.  Nothing official because the governments of the countries first affected aren't releasing any information so they don't "create panic."

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