Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday.  The spate of rain that ended my gardening work yesterday was only one of several waves that came through.  Late in the afternoon we had another that had some worryingly gusty winds with it.  The big trees were rocking wildly while the rain came in driving sheets.  Rain continued through the night and is still falling.  I hadn't any gardening planned because we are (hopefully) going to do our regular shopping.

 Spelling error!!  Evidently the second such in a week.

Global temps above normal in May--again.  Ours weren't.  In fact, the map reflects our experience.  While some areas of the globe were considerably above normal while our's were slightly below.

I am not Catholic but I really like most of what Pope Francis says.  I hope he is around for a good long time.

I agree with John Aravosis--obscenity doesn't begin to cover the drug companies' pricing policies.

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