Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday.  Cool and wet so far and likely to stay that way.  We might not even get past 70.  Therefore, nothing more than a walk through the gardens on the agenda.  I saw blossoms on one of my Patio Princess tomatoes yesterday so everything is going nicely.  But things still feel out of phase.  Last night on the evening weather segment of the local news one of the reporters asked the meteorologist when we would see June.  I quipped, "When we hit July!!"

It looks like the often repeated announcements of the death of the Tea Party are, to use Mark Twains' words, "an exaggeration."  Eric Cantor was defeated by a Tea Party candidate.  That candidate is likely to win in the general election because the district is strongly Republican.  Now all the pundits are trying to make some sense of the changed political landscape.

Tom Englehardt presents another excellent piece on "war American-style."  I have thought for a long time that our leaders have jettisoned the first half of Theodore Roosevelt's advice on foreign policy (speak softly) and concentrated on the second half (carry a big stick).  Unfortunately, as Englehardt notes, that big stick has been exceptionally ineffective for the last half century.  And, as he also notes, the role of the military in the world at large and in our own society and economy is forbidden territory for discussions.

This is a a sad indictment of the for-profit higher education system.  Can these guys spell "fraud."

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