Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday.  I had a productive gardening day yesterday.  Harvested stevia and spearmint.  The stevia is steeping in vodka to extract its sweetness and tomorrow I will drain it to simmer it down to the syrup.  I dried the spearmint and ground it for tea.  So far I have about three-quarters of an 8-ounce jar of dried spearmint.  I moved the sage to the new stacked pots along with some petunias and wonderberry seedlings.  The new pot of stevia I picked up last week is in the place the sage had occupied.  The tomatoes are doing very nicely and I pruned them a bit.  I am waiting for the light to bet stronger before I go out to see how things are.  We had heavy rain and strong wind that brought damage in some parts of the southern Lake Michigan area.  The morning news has been showing the downed trees and associated problems.  I would like to pick and dry peppermint this morning.  We are moving into the season when my dehydrator will be working almost daily.

Monday.  Dried peppermint and staked up a pepper the heavy rain pushed down.  If the rain holds off I will give the hyssop a haircut and dry it.  Maybe do either the lemon thyme or the rosemary also.  Areas west of us are getting rain now.  We'll see if it moves more north than east.  I also need to strain the stevia vodka and boil it down to get my syrup.  Otherwise not much planned.

Update:  hyssop, seven trays of it, is drying and the house has a slightly licorice smell.  Yesterday it smelled of peppermint.  I love drying herbs.  The stevia syrup is done and in the refrigerator.

Update 2:  My gardening is done form the day.  Thunder and heavy rain suddenly opened up.

      What an incredible waste--but then so much of our consumer-driven economy is wasteful.
      So, it isn't just the poor whose ambition is threatened by not having to work.
      Water, water everywhere nowhere--
      After all, what you don't know won't hurt you--will it?
      This is an idea I may have to try.

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