Friday, February 7, 2014

Another frigid Friday.

Oh, is it frigid!!!  I just stepped out to bring in one of the bird feeders to refill it.  The small birds have been hitting the feeders hard.  I think they were scared off for a bit after I put out my wind chime.  But they are used to it now and will sit on the feeders just feet away for several minutes at a time chowing down on the seed.  I have seen several goldfinches in winter plumage along with the sparrows and wrens.  Strangely we have seen several robins--they evidently didn't head south.  Mom saw a couple of blue jays also.  Well, the feeders are full now and I am glad I didn't have to be out there longer than the few seconds to knock off the snow, take them down, and put them back up.

This is disturbingly familiar.  Wise Father at Raging Wisdom has a few apt comments on the trend.  Not so long ago I was reading about employers who complained that they couldn't find qualified applicants.  They blamed the job applicants for not having the all of the high tech skills employers insisted the job required.  We heard story after story about the "skills gap."  Now we have a "culture gap" and whether you will sing on command or share the interests of the interviewer or dress like the CEO seems to matter.  I wonder what else--skin color, ethnic group, university, gender, religion??

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Kay Dennison said...

I just got back from errands and lunch with Racy Racy Gracie and yes, it was cold. She's learning Spanish & was surprised to learn that I speak Spanish so of course we went to lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants!!

I read Raging Wisdom and was astounded. Just another insanity in our off the rails society. Makes me glad that I'm retired.