Thursday, February 20, 2014

Heavy rain with lightening.

The temperature this morning is already at 35F.  We expect low 50s today.  I am amazed at how much snow melted yesterday.  Some of the containers I haven's seen in two months are now visible.  I brought in the partial bag of potting soil I (foolishly) left on the patio pavement last fall.  When last I checked it was frozen to the cement.

I have noticed this phenomenon over the last few years.  Repression becomes much easier if the powers-that-be label their opponents "terrorists."

I wondered yesterday whether that new contract Capital One sent out to its credit card holders was legal.  It may not be but this article, though asking the question, doesn't really answer it.  And I don't believe the company's claim that somehow they mixed up clauses from different contracts.  They simply hoped no one would notice.

Of course, if these predictions about the increasing cost of beef pan out, it won't mean anything for the inflation rate.  Food and fuel prices are too volatile for the economists.

Our internet went out yesterday and stayed out for about four hours.  We didn't realize it until we were in the middle of something that simply wouldn't work.  After a few minutes of frustrated cursing we managed to figure out that everything here was fine--we just weren't going anywhere.  Mom got the usual message when she phones: we are having problems and are fixing them.  A bit ago we had the same problem again and the cable went out also.  Not for long but our response this time?  Shut off the cable box; shift to the blue ray player and put on CDs; and pick up the crocheting project.  The outage on the internet didn't last long but it seemed too much like work to put the cable on again.

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