Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heat wave!! ;-)

Yeah, I do mean that with a bit of a wink but the 40 predicted for today and the 50 (OMG) for tomorrow is warmer than anything we have had for almost two months.  But now we have to worry about flooding.  Or rather some people do-those along the Des Plaines river and the Little Calumet.  Given the mountains of snow we see here--more of them and larger than we have ever seen--I think flooding is a definite possibility.

The California drought has gotten a few mentions (very few) on the mainstream media news.  This morning the anchors were warning that consumers can expect higher milk prices in the months ahead.  Of course, the segment was followed by an ad for California milk producers.  I am not surprised since I have been following stories about the drought for some time.  Expect to pay more for the coffee since there is a serious drought in Brazil.  Considering the cattle lost in the early snow storm in the northern plains last October, better plan on paying more for beef.   And yesterday we saw gas stations prices over $3.40/gal.  The switch to summer gas blends isn't due a bit more than a month which will drive the price higher.

I remember when federal legislation reigned in the worst behavior of credit card issuing thugs.  They couldn't call you at work; they couldn't call between 10pm and 6 am.  Although over time the restrictions have eroded but every egregious example of consumer abuse was a flash in the news media pan--quickly dismissed as "rogue" behavior.  Evidently Capital One has decided to go back to the bad old days using a unilateral declaration on their credit "agreements" as cover.  Another excellent reason to refuse to use credit and credit cards especially.

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