Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beautiful (though cold) Saturday and I am still Contrary.

Now for a bit of contrary humor.  I didn't follow the link to the source--the New York Daily Mail.

And something not so humorous.  It does come from the Daily Mail in the UK but I have to wonder if it isn't popping up over on this side of the pond.  But then, considering the number of entitled assholes we have seen on the news lately who unfortunately happened to be armed  or the number of road rage incidents or the idiots who seem to think they can beat people up because they are offended by the sports team their victims support, we may actually be further along on this path than the Brits.

Question asked here today: do we have any holidays anymore that are simply celebrations and not hyped commercial binges? It seems, to us anyway, that the verb "to celebrate" is now a synonym for "to buy."

This is interesting given things I have been reading and watching on news shows.  Most of the mainstream coverage of the unrest in various "hot" spots across the globe treat the events as simply political eruptions with no underlying features uniting them.  I am often surprised by how little our news tells us about economic conditions and by that I mean something other than the stock market or gasoline prices.

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