Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another winter Wednesday.

We had some bright sun yesterday.  That was nice though it didn't warm things up much.  For that we have to wait till next week when our weather people say we may get near 40F.  I have to bring the bird feeder in and re-fill it.  Those little gluttons have almost emptied it.  Mom and I were wondering if we had imagined seeing robins but our local TV news had a picture a viewer sent them of a robin on her deck railing in the snow.  Someone was out clearing snow with a front loader and dump truck. We don't know if it was the snow removal service our landlord hires or if it was the city.  Now maybe the postal service will deliver mail.  Haven't seen a mail truck on this street since sometime last week.

We have been watching the city snow removal today--again with the front loader and dump truck.  Looking out at the mountains of snow it occurred to us that those mountains of snow are higher and broader than at any time at any time since we moved in here about 15 years ago.

Now this is mind blowing.  Nature can be very surprising and not just in delivering ice and snow storms.

I do love the Onion.  This is so on the mark.  I remember telling an an agent I was talking to trying to straighten out a problem with my student loan status that the debt was the worst "investment" decision I had ever made.  And I have no way to get out from under except dying--and I am not ready to do that.

Yesterday (or the day before) I read a blogger I follow frequently who recounted a recent experience at Wal-Mart (Wallyworld as she called it) which reminded her of how much she hates to shop at the Evil Empire.  I sympathize because we have almost eliminated it as a shopping destination going only when we can't find what we need somewhere else.  This item, however, explains a lot of why the shopping experience is so excruciatingly painful.  Low priced goods aren't really cheap.  The true cost is simply hidden.

I truly wish there was a cure for this kind of insanity.  If the Repthuglicans want to oppose spending they should do so through the budget process.  They shouldn't then be able to fight the same battle by way a raising the debt ceiling.  One of the best reasons I can think of to get rid of the damned thing.

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Kay Dennison said...

I try to avoid the evil empire. I've found better bargains elsewhere by bring patient!