Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lazy Tuesday

Those who have read this blog for a while know that I describe my self as a "medical minimalist."  Stories like this one may explain why.  Our current medical industry is geared to finding and aggressively treating any and all conditions--even if there is nothing to find and no treatment is the better option.  We have seen a lot of these stories lately which have re-written the old rules on what tests need to be performed when and on whom and what kind treatment is really needed.

Oh, the pains of the global auto industry.  I have read about some of these trends for several years now.  The may be accelerating--which I consider a good thing.  We wish we could do without the car but we can't.  Everything is just too spread out.  However, we have eliminated a lot of our driving by consolidating our errands on the few days have to drive.

I have often been amused and annoyed by the overuse of certain words and phrases.  Our hype driven culture seems to drive meaningful language into meaninglessness.  We are constantly exhorted to "save" by spending or express our "individuality" by adopting the latest fad.  Ira Chernus takes on the widespread use and misuse of "apocalypse."

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Anonymous said...

I envy you your medical stance -- I can't be one. The good news is that my doctors are minimalists in the sense that they prescribe P.T. and vitamins instead of pills. I have 7 doctors and only 4 scrips. When I'm done with the latest round of PT. I'll be getting a membership in the PT -- unlimited use for thirty bucks a month and all my therapists right there for advice!

Miss Ruby is 14 years old and gets great mileage. My mechanic thinks that she's a sweetie and says he'll keep her running.

Just got back from Florida and hope that I can get caught up!!!