Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunny, but very cold.

We have sun outside and blue skies.  I don't think we set a new record for cold--yet.  But we have another couple of chances over the next few days.  We, as we planned, are hibernating.  Hope you are all keeping warm and, if you are on the west coast, hope you aren't too waterlogged.  The weather people say parts of California should get in the next four days as much rain as they have had in the last twelve months.  Not enough to break the drought but too much for areas burned bare by fires last year.

Oh, I do hope Karzai continues to refuse to sign that agreement which would allow the U.S. to keep troops in Afghanistan bast the end of this year.  And I hope his successor, who ever that will be, will follow his example.  While the commentary on the proposed "downsizing" of the U.S. military has focused on closing bases in this country I would like to see a serious discussion of downsizing our bases overseas.

So, there is scientific evidence that a significant number of the uber-rich are assholes--or as the author of the study says "jackasses."  Nice to have confirmation for my gut instinct.

I have been somewhat following the Rancho Feeding beef recall.  This article gives a different take on the situation.  The only thing we know for sure is that the FSIS issued a recall for a massive amount of beef because "diseased or injured animals" may have been included in the 2013 production.  I noticed right off that they didn't specify what disease or what kind of injury the animals may have suffered.  If this article is accurate, I think we may have a case of failure by the FSIS which may put a perfectly good company out of business.  They may talk about acting out of "an abundance of caution" but it seems to me we wouldn't need the caution if they did their primary job.

To continue on the food theme, Grist has a piece on the rise of food fraud in the EU.  I have been reading nasty accounts over the last year.  Welcome to our future--especially if our weather conditions make food scarcer.

So very well said that I can't add anything.

This has already been an expensive winter for cities who have had to plow massive amounts of snow. But it is getting more expensive with as the potholes bloom profusely.

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