Sunday, February 23, 2014

Not-as-cold-as-it-soon-be Sunday. When fruit isn't such a good choice. Contrary thoughts on debt.

We did something we normally don't on a Saturday.  We did out shopping and errands so we won't have to go out for anything over the next ten days to two weeks.  We would rather hibernate than deal with the brutal cold.

We picked up some apple and banana "chips" in addition to our usual packages of dried fruit.  I cook the fruit up in our hot cereal.  We had a hard time finding what we wanted and the chips weren't exactly what we were thinking.  We remembered when we could get dried apples and banana slices but, evidently, they no longer sell those items in the stores around here.  The chips are actually designed for dipping.  We won't be buying any more.  The deal breaker was the calorie and fat content.  The apple chips have a whopping 160 calories for 12 very thin chips.  A whole large raw apple has only 112.  And fat?  Well half the calories in the chips come from various fats used in the processing.  That whole raw apple only has--wait for it--zero.  I found similar information for the banana chips vs. unprocessed bananas.  We will use what we bought but we will dry our own over the summer.  By the way, drying doesn't change the calorie or fat counts--just reduces the "package" by removing water.

I read this piece yesterday and liked what I hope is a trend.  Our economy is heavily dependent on credit (a.k.a., debt).  We are encouraged to go into debt for anything.  Do you want a car, a house, an education, that to-die-for sweater, whatever?  Charge it.  Get a loan.  Hock your future for what you want now.  And don't believe the notion that going into hock for your college education is a way to ensure your future.  For all too many it is simply a step into debt serfdom.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

I have always thought that the CEOs and other officers of polluting companies should be forced to live in the areas where their extractions are endangering people's livelihoods and health.  I would love to see them deal with flammable water coming out of their tap, or noxious fumes, or seeing their pets suffer from chemical exposure.  File this under "Hypocrisy Poster-boy."

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