Friday, February 28, 2014

Still cold but sunny--for now.  The weather people say snow is coming in three waves beginning later during the evening.  We may get anywhere from 3 to 8 inches.  They also say that spring might be a bit slow in coming because of the record setting ice cover on the great lakes.  I got 32 paper starting pots made up yesterday.  Not many but then I don't have a very big space to fill.  Those filled one tray and I have another available when needed.  I need to clean up the area today and then fill the pots tomorrow.  And Spring can't be too far away.  In the morning and evening now the light does bounce off the corners (northeast and northwest) of the fence.  When equinox comes the fence will provide more and more strong indirect light for the gardens.

Hey, Kay, glad you are back.  Keep warm and cozy because it is cold and what we have had is probably coming your way.  Actually my attitudes toward medicine are probably not much different from your own.  I don't go looking for problems but if I have one I get it taken care of using the least intrusive methods and fewest medications possible.  You can have seven doctors and four meds and still have a minimalist philosophy towards medicine.

I have seen more and more on this topic in the last few months.  I am not in the totally "no poo" camp.  But I have reduced the frequency of shampooing and amount of shampoo I use.  I cut out the old advice "lather, rinse, repeat" a long time ago.  That simply left my hair and scalp dry and itchy.  I have looked at the various major commercial brands and don't like the chemical soup.  Have been looking at alternatives but haven't found one I like yet.

The Agonist posted this item and a "quick and dirty" Google search indicates it might be very real.  My first reaction was "Oh, Shit!!"  My second was "Another good reason not to go with AT&T."  My third reaction was "What if all the carriers go along?"  I agree with the first commenter:  if this goes into effect I will no longer bank on line; I will no longer shop on line; I will do nothing on line that requires any kind of security.  Period.  I still have paper checks and I know how to use them.  Or, cash or money orders.


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