Friday, February 21, 2014

Strange, strange weather. Fake news. Pet food recalls. Triumph of politics over principles.

We didn't make it to the 50F our weather people had predicted.  Not a surprise.  But, oh my, did we get fog.  Rarely have I seen fog that heavy here and never in the mid afternoon.  We couldn't even see across the street.  Our current temp is right about freezing and we have high winds continuing through late evening today.  A new round of cold is supposed to move in over the weekend and continue through next week.  Well, we are still in mid-winter.

This has been a year for massive multi-car accidents.  The fog caused another in Illinois yesterday--or rather a "cluster" of multiple accidents.  They also had tornadoes.  We have come to a point where there are no real 'seasons' any more.  Tornado season up here used to be late April through about July 1.  Fire season in California used to be September through November.  Nature is definitely not at all happy.

I am always skeptical when I read or listen to any news story.  Too often the real story is somewhat different.  I didn't see the original of this piece but it well illustrates why I am a skeptic.  The real situation for Syrian refugees is bad enough without this sort of fakery.

So my mind wasn't playing tricks on me--we have had more pet food recalls last year than previous years.  We don't have pets any more but I said before that, if we still did, I would be preparing their food myself.

I would like this better if Obama were the chained-CPI cuts off the budget table because he realized that bipartisanship requires two parties at the table.  So far the Repthuglicans have been missing in action.  But his budget proposal is simply meant to insulate his fellow Damnocrats against the anger of a base constituency that might otherwise stay home in November.  Politics over principle and fairness--again.

Another Catch-22--highway funding.  Since 2007 consumers have been driving less.  Because they are driving less they are buying less gasoline.  As less gasoline is sold the amount of taxes government gets on gas go down.  As the taxes revenues on gasoline go down, the Federal government has less money to spend on highways.  I could continue but anyone who has dodged pot holes lately (and we have already replaced two tires this month) should recognize an ominous pattern.

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