Sunday, February 16, 2014

More snow Sunday. Various items raising contrariness.

We got a little more than an inch of snow overnight and have blowing snow falling now.  According to the weather reports this morning this will continue through tomorrow.  At least we don't have the dangerously low temps.  What this system will do east of us is anybody's guess.

Found this on the Agonist.  I guess we are now the United States of Surveillance.

And also this on the Agonist.  Does any one remember the time when Woolworth stores were happy to take black people's money at the front register but refused to serve them at the lunch counter?  I do--though dimly and from a distance (I lived in the north).  I remember reading an excerpt from Colin Powell's autobiography (and I didn't read or buy the book) where he described traveling as a young officer with his family across country and having to arrange with friends and family places to stay overnight because motels wouldn't accept them.  Does any one remember the term 'miscegenation'?  All of those forms of discrimination were supported by some people's dimwitted religious "beliefs".

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