Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super (whatever) Sunday. (No) crime and punishment.

Whenever I think I have seen the most extreme example of our money-grubbing culture something (or someone) shows me there is an extreme beyond.  The award today goes to the NFL and their insistence that they own the name of the "big game."  They want to reserve the use of the term for their corporate sponsors.  Several news readers and comedians made fun of the whole thing.

I found this as I checked out the TV schedule.  Bill Moyers is interviewing David Simon this week.  Simon's critique of modern America echoes many of those I have expressed over the last several years.  And it answers a question I have asked frequently:  is there a "we" to do what "we" have to do to reform our way of life.  At the moment I don't think so.

This story made our TV news last night and I am somewhat bemused.  The excuse given for almost scalping the woman in custody was that she was a suicide risk.  But she is restrained so how can her braids and weaves influence the procedure?  The logic totally escapes me.  Especially since the charges have been dropped.  Punishment without crime??

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