Monday, February 10, 2014

Mind blowing weather stats. Pushed beyond contrary. Something to warm my contrary heart.

Hope you all are staying warm.  We are but we aren't going outside for anything.  The weather people say the snow fall so far (61+ inches) has put this winter into third on the list of snowiest winters.  We have hit 32F only 13 days this year so far and we are below 0F yet again.  My gardens are under four feet of snow. Since my gardens are containers 18-20 inches deep, the snow is almost to the top of our 6ft fence.  The little birds are hitting the feeders heavily.  We watched one little goldfinch perch on the twigs of the hyssop extending above the snow and then stretching out over the snow to pluck seeds off the surface other birds had scattered.

I have been reading stories like this more frequently lately.  They push me well beyond contrary to downright scared.  The author here tries to connect the events to Fukushima and, after a story presenting stories from Japanese English-language sources I linked to a day or two ago, given the symptoms it seems plausible.  And I don't give much credence to the notion those unspecified scientists expressed that the "harsh weather" is to blame.

I do like this and the hope the trend continues warms my heart.  And I hope that, eventually, wind and solar will replace gas generation of electricity.  The only way, in a capitalist economy (even in crony or predatory versions) to really change what is going on is for it to become unprofitable.  We have complained about that from the other side when products we like disappeared because the companies making them couldn't sell a bazillion copies of it.  But it can work for the things we don't like as well.

We caught the news story this morning which covered Tim Armstrong's "apology" and the restoration of 401k benefits he had previously cut blaming Obamacare and "distressed babies."  I was perplexed because I couldn't seen the connection.  Well, this makes the connection quite clear.  Frankly, even with an apology and the restoration of the retirement plan, Armstrong is a piece of privileged crap.  Note, AOL had had good profits and he pulled down a $12 million salary.

I definitely am not surprised and once we did grind our own meat.  We can again if anything happens to our little, local butcher shop.

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