Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Monday, All.  Cool and soon to be sunny but the temps are supposed to reach the low to mid 90s. So I have a few garden chores this morning before we close up.  Spinach and beet greens to harvest, and some herbs to clip and dry.  The blasted potato beetles have shown up so I have to start spraying the marigolds which, for some odd reason, they like--a lot.  I won't have to water.  All of the small pots on the fence are nicely moist and, if they don't need water, the large containers don't either.

Hi, Leigh, and thanks for dropping by.  Oh, yes, our current system of higher ed is a full employment for academics program.  It hasn't done much for its 'customers.'  I haven't tried to put in word verification because I am one of those frustrated by the system.  I find the fonts hard to read even when the picture is clear.  Luckily the anonymous spam has tag lines that clearly indicate what they are and I can delete them without opening the message.  They are hoping that I will let them through and they will have a link on my blog to their site.  That is why I do moderate.  I also want to nip a problem that some bloggers I read have noticed in the past--abusive commenters.  I haven't had that problem, thankfully.  I just decided to try something else.  The comments come through my hotmail account for moderation.  Normally, I mark them as spam which takes me back to the blogger site to confirm and then I delete the comments.  I think I will try to label them as 'junk' on hotmail.  Maybe that will get more of them out.  Like you I hate the waste of my time.  I would much rather be visiting blogs and news sites I am really interested.

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Kay Dennison said...

I hate spam, too, but I fear it's a never-ending problem. I really don't get too much.

I have a couple anti-spyware/malware programs that seem to help along with my anti-virus.