Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Tuesday, All.  Blessedly cool today.  We can open the doors and windows and let Kuma stay outside as long as he likes.  The last two days he hasn't been so eager.  I have some herbs I need to harvest and dry.  I have a few other chores to do in the gardens and some watering.  Our respite from the heat will be brief--the 90s are due to return by Friday and continue through Monday.  We didn't get any rain out of the last little front and don't expect any for the next week.  If the pattern continues, the weather people say we will have one of the driest Junes on record to match the driest May we just finished up.

I also loved my advisor's take on the weather, Kay.  I'm thinking that more workers need to take that hard nosed attitude.  I remember when I was still looking for a new job and I rejected a suggestion from my nephew that I apply for jobs in Chicago or areas of Indiana closer to Illinois.  He suggested several I had seen on line.  I told him that what those employers wanted to pay wouldn't even cover my gas to and from the job much less rent, food, etc.  His attitude--at least it's a job and it might lead to something better.  I couldn't make him understand that, as I have said before, there are times when something is indistinguishable from nothing.  Nor could he understand that my calculation of the cost/benefits of taking such jobs were the same calculations employers made in hiring.  Why it was fine for them and not for me I don't understand.

I think we need a new way to deal with countries we don't like.  Sanctions didn't really work in Libya, or Iraq.  Those who think they did are cherry picking their facts.

We saw a snippet on this report this morning and scratched our heads in bewilderment.  The FBI says the statistics say violent crime is down yet again.  The Chicago Superintendent of Police said the same while announcing a new initiative to combat the recent rash of shootings and assaults.  Another statistic that is massaged, perhaps?

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Kay Dennison said...

The job market here is pathetic at best. I always find it amazing how people who already have a good job have no clue as to how bad it is out there -- especially if one is older.

Remember: figures don't lie but liars figure.