Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good Thursday and first full day of summer.  We have a respite from the 90s for the next week.  I got everything watered already.  I can spend some time trimming and tying up plants.  I noticed some blossoms on my lemon squash so that should start producing.  I had to move some things around a bit--the mints were getting topped by some of the other plants.  We finished off the spring spinach the other day.  Had it steamed with onions and mushrooms.  This has been the best year for spinach so far.  We have had it in several salads and as the vegetable for two meals.  I will definitely plan for a fall crop.

I wish this part of Sec. of Defense Panetta's testimony before Congress had been splashed all over the news instead of the love-fest with Jamie Dimon.  The question is appropriate and the discussion revealing.  Not even the Democratic leadership was willing to exercise moral backbone and support a surtax to pay for Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hell!! I don't even remember when the proposal was made it was so well covered in our 'news' media.

I remember several election cycles ago when we noticed that the candidates running for office ran ads which never mentioned their party affiliation.  Started with the Repthuglicans and then the Damnocrats followed suit.  Now, according to this piece, many are even failing to mention the office they are running for--especially if they are incumbents.  This takes running from your record to a whole new level.

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