Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello on this sunny and soon to be hot Saturday.  I am in the process of watering all the plants.  In a bit I will be getting a bunch of onions in the dehydrator.  We picked up a large bag a little while ago thinking we had fewer at home than we really did.  So it is time to slice and dry some.  Otherwise, not much going on.  Let's see what is in the air today.

Update on the gardens:  after I watered all the plants I keep on the fence I was just looking out over the developing jungle and was shocked.  I saw some splotches on my dragon's tongue beans and thought "Oh, damn.  What has gotten to my plants?"  Well, it was five nicely developed bean pods!!  Surprise!!  It was only a very few days ago that I found the first tiny green pod.  Suddenly I have  beans!!

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