Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Saturday to everyone.  I have new pictures for you all today.  The first two pictures were taken about ten days ago so the 'jungle' isn't as thick as it is in the later pictures.  This first one is the left side as I look out my back door.  We just added the shepherd's hook and the hummingbird feeder.  We have two more double shepherd's hooks ready to put in in the fall when I begin clearing them.
 And here is the right side.  It was our garbage pick-up day so the big blue wheeled tote was out on the curb.
 Aren't these flowers beautiful.  They are the blossoms of the Betterbush squash--a butternut variety.  A whole bunch of buds are ready to burst.  I have seen several small squash forming so I have some hopes.
 This shows the mums I got last year and overwintered in the beds.  I was surprised by the size of it and will have to trim it severely.  Last year it never got over 12 inches.  It is about twice that now.  The plant in front is a new acquisition--a pineapple sage.  We put added it to attract hummingbirds.
I commented in an earlier post on the effect of the dry conditions shown in a news segment--corn only a foot high.  Yes, that is my corn.  The container itself is about two feet and the fence behind is six feet.  So my plants are just about four feet tall.  I will soon have to move the plants on the fence because the corn will eventually top seven feet.  The other plants are tomatoes.
 Look closely and you can see (left to right) patchouli, stevia, and basil.  That is my second stand of corn in the back.
Another new herb--mexican tarragon.
 Another look close picture.  Stevia, oregano, and tansy.  And a caged tomato in the back.
And last, today, two small butternut squash.

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Annie*s Granny said...

You certainly do get the most from your container garden! It beats out my in-ground for variety, and looks as though it will be quite productive for you.