Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good very hot Thursday, Everyone.  The overnight temperature here on our patio dipped only to 70.  The time: now is 6:40am and the temperature has risen to 75.  We expect something near or over 100.  The news has been clamoring warning about the heat for several days.  We have already closed up and thoroughly pissed off Kuma who wants to be outside.  I have finished the watering.  This spring I added a good bit of vermiculite to my soil and that is paying off in water savings.  I only watered two of the plants on the fence, one tomato, and four of the large containers.  Last year I had to water every planter every day.  I have some plans for next season which should reduce the watering even more.  The corn so far is the major water hog but it is looking very good compared so some pictured in the news reports.  I should harvest some of the herbs but I think I will leave that for tomorrow morning.

I didn't really see much on the internet to comment on.  Yeah, the Supreme Court did  uphold the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate.  But that hasn't settled the matter.  Dear Mittens is promising to cancel  it on his first day in office which, I think, makes a damned good reason to make sure he doesn't get that first day in office.  The fires in Colorado continue to eat up everything in their paths and the high winds and higher temperatures only push them along.  That is more heartbreaking than other fires in other places because I lived nearby and loved the mountain forests.  JP Morgan's loss on their "London Whale's" trade may hit $9billion.  It must be nice to play the fool with someone else's money.  On that note I think I will close for today.

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