Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  We have another cool day today on tap before the heat comes back tomorrow through next week.  I don't have to water anything today according to the moisture meter so I will leave that for tomorrow morning.  I didn't see anything worth commenting on yesterday.  That has been a more frequent occurrence because the same old issues are roiling the political/economic scene and the same old idiots argue over the same old 'solutions'  like a pair of starving dogs over a meatless bone.  Lets see what I find today.

Well, this looks interesting.  This is the one fundamental philosophical argument in the health care debate and the author is absolutely right--no one wants to talk about it.  Certain things in life should be a matter of right and health care is one of them.  I would argue that access to quality education is another but that is a discussion for a different time.  Chait is absolutely correct--the Repthuglicans are desperate to hide their moral arguments and the consequences of the application of their so-called principles.  That is why I will not vote for any Repthuglican candidate for statewide or national office.

If the results of this poll are accurate Americans may finally be taking a more realistic view of exactly what the President can do to cure the economic problems the country faces.  We have always had a rather cynical view of campaign promises.  The ability of any candidate to fulfill his/her promises is limited.  And, given the role now of personal and corporate wealth, most of the candidates are going to be far more responsive to the demands of the privileged than they are to the demands of the 'Average' American.

I wondered when/if NATO would find an reason to get more involved in Syria.  This just might do it.  I notice that the broadcast mainstream media has largely ignored the incident and the print media has said very little.

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