Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Tuesday morning, Everyone.  Sunny and warm again moving on to hot later.  I only have watering and a few minor chores in the gardens.  Sometime soon I need to take more pictures of the developing jungle.  The heavy rain a few days ago that left us with a bit under 2 inches knocked off some of the blossoms of the cucumbers and tomatoes.  But they are blooming well so I have hopes that we will get a good harvest in spite of the heat and that brutal rain.  I think I have solved, at least partly, the problem of the heat that builds up in the mini-greenhouse.  I don't have any more shady place to put it and with the sun it gets now the temperature can hit 120F or a bit more.  Much too high to put anything in there.  I dug out the remains of a badly stained old sheet from which I cut awnings that I can put over seedlings early in the season if it gets too hot.  Draping it over the greenhouse reduces the temperature by 15-20 degrees.  Promising.

Yeah, Kay.  I hate spam, too. And I agree--it is here to stay.  All we can do is avoid it as much as possible.  Some good news on the spam front.  For the first time this morning I had only a couple of anonymous comments to dispose of instead of the 25-30 of the last couple of days.  I hope the double line of defense (Google plus Hotmail) will keep it that way.

This is an interesting article from Energy Bulletin that reflects thoughts that have been in the back of my mind for the last few years.  Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

I don't know why anyone would expect anything different.  Since the banks all had a hand in writing the legislation how could it not be anything but a 'full employment for mortgage bankers' program?

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