Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Sunday to all of you out there.  They say we might get some scattered, fast-moving showers today but not enough rain to do anything for us.  The grass around the town shows larger portions of brown.  I just finished watering everything.  I just don't trust that Mother Nature will provide.  And I didn't have to water anything yesterday.  I should harvest and dry some more basil and savory.  The first Cherokee Purple tomatoes are, maybe, a week away from ripe.  I saw some new blossoms on the lemon squash--hope some nice squashes follow.

Glad you stopped by, Annie's Granny.  I do try to make the most of the space I have and, since it is all cement, I have to use containers.  One of the relatives was talking about doing containers a little while ago and was wondering how limited container gardening was with respect to the kinds of plants you can use.  I told her that you can plant anything so long as you have a container big enough for it.  My only rules: the plant has to be useful and interesting.  Last year I grew a couple of Vietnamese Multicolor Peppers.  They were absolutely beautiful and the peppers, which progressed through five color changes while maturing, were like sparkling little jewels.  But the peppers were smaller than I thought they would be and hotter that we liked--so I didn't plant them again.  A couple of years ago I tried the Table Queen acorn squash and a small melon (Tigger).  The squash was much too difficult to control and yielded too little.  But I haven't given up on squash--this year I have the Butterbush squash (shown yesterday) and lemon squash.  The little melon this year is the Vine Peach because we didn't like the flavor of the Tigger.  Sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me and I badly overcrowded the plants.  I did that last year with my tomatoes and several plants failed to produce.  I am still experimenting on where to put what plants.

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