Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good rainy Sunday, Everyone.  Yes!! I said 'rainy.'  We received pulses of thundershowers and rain starting late yesterday afternoon and continuing so far this morning.  The just under two inches we have had so far is very welcome though we are still in deficit for the year and the month.  A couple of downpours were so heavy and hard I watched praying 'No Hail.  Please! Please! Please! No Hail!!" And, THANKFULLY, no hail.  It is very wet so I won't be doing anything in the gardens.  And Kuma is totally bummed out.

Another indication that the politics this year are going to be interesting and frustrating.

The "progress" toward a the pervasive surveillance state continues.  I guess it all depends on how you define "progress."

This is monstrously unfair!!!!  A woman is set ablaze by her estranged partner, the father of her son, and now the state of Florida is charging her for the towing for her car and his and late fees, I guess because she didn't pay them fast enough.  Talk about an injustice system!!!

I just spend a large amount of time cleaning out my e-mail in-box.  And I am pissed.  More than three-quarters of the entries were anonymous comments on this blog.  And all of them were for some kind of porn.  And all of them had embedded links to their site.  I know I have said before that I have a delete key and I know how to use.  But I really resent these assholes who insist on trying piggy-back on my blog.  I posted a long time ago that I wouldn't allow any comments that were either anonymous or contained links, especially porn or sales links.  I have allowed only one exception to that rule because the person had no links and specifically commented on the blog of that day.  I noticed a couple of bloggers I read have had similar problems.  They have tried using both moderation and word verification but still have problems with cluttered in-boxes of spam.  I wish the slime bags would crawl back under their rocks and leave the rest of us alone.  End of rant!!!

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Kay Dennison said...

I keep comment moderation on but I still get some spam. It's a never-ending struggle.