Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello on another soon-to-be hot Friday.  The temperature is not supposed to get as hot and humid as yesterday.  We did get to 100.  First time, they say, since 2005.  They say we may get some pop-up thunderstorms--emphasis on 'may.'  We did have thunder and lightning last night but from what I saw not much rain.  A little to the north and west of us they had small hail.  I have already been busy this morning.  Most of the plants on the fence had good levels of moisture but the tomato buckets and the large containers needed water.  All of my plants have come through this hot weather really well--even the corn.  I harvested patchouli, stevia, savory, peppermint, oregano, and Mexican tarragon and all is drying now in my dehydrator.  We got our first tomatoes yesterday--the Cherokee purple.  Beautiful and tasty.  We won't have any more for a while.

Oh, well.  I don't know whether to be happy or sad.  What I am is somewhat--uneasy.  We got sudden cloud cover that has dropped the temperatures from 85 an hour ago to 79 now.  The wind is kicking up to the point where I took the hummingbird feeder down and the cover off the greenhouse.  The trees are reeling in a drunken dance.  Saw the strangest cloud formations.  Thunder, lightning and rain--driving rain, sidewise rain--mixed with small hail. The sound of the hail on the glass--something like a rock hitting with force.  All I can do now is hope the plants aren't damaged badly.  The corn is waving in the wind.  Hope it stays upright.  Why am I uneasy?  The speed of the change.  I was used to drastic temperature and condition changes when I lived in Colorado but that is rare here in northwest Indiana.  I don't think I will have to water anything tomorrow.


Annie*s Granny said...

Oh, dear. I hope your weather doesn't turn too violent, and that your plants all survive the storm. We've had a lot of those drastic temperature drops and high wind gusts this year, but luckily no hail.

Kay Dennison said...

It sure is hot!!!! I'm glad your garden is growing well!!!!!

Hopefully, I'll be around more although working for Obama sure does take up some hours!!!!