Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Thursday to you all.  Sunny again today and the forecast temperature should be in the mid-80s.  And the weather people have changed the forecast (again) so we might be missing these temperatures for the next week when we are supposed to have mid-90s.  The gardening will be early morning for the next week or so.  After I finished scrubbing the wall and washing the patio down, my get-up-and-go got up and went elsewhere.  We'll see what I can get done today.

Hi, Kay.  Glad you stopped by.  We have shifted a lot of our cleaning to white vinegar over the last few years.  It works well and is less toxic than so many commercial products.  We have even replaced the hair rinses that we have found less satisfactory over the years with a vinegar/water mix (right now 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water).  We use washcloths dampened with vinegar instead of dryer sheets.  And it is absolutely wonderful for hard water stains.  The chemical industry used to say 'Better living through chemistry.'  We say 'not always.'  I agree with you on Ezra Klein, the job market, and the liars who are accomplished at 'figuring.'

Jill Klausen has a perfect assessment of what the Repthuglicans really mean when they talk about simpler, smaller, and 'more efficient' government.  And I could take her comments a step further.  They are busy writing as many of us as possible out of the American polity.  Corporations are.  The billionaire are.  But we, by their vicious political alchemy, are not.

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