Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good morning, all, and welcome to the day summer starts (sometime this evening.)  Given the temperatures we have seen lately one can be forgiven for thinking that the season began some time ago.   The weather people predict another high in the 90s before we get a nice string of 80s with a couple of 70s.  I started watering the plants on the fence.  I found a pineapple sage at the farm market yesterday that I need to transplant.  Otherwise I don't have much to do outside--thank goodness.  I do have a nice 5 lb box of blueberries I will rinse, put up in smaller packages, and freeze.  We were afraid we had missed the season.

Oh, but they tell us the economy is on the mend.

Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds cuts through the economic bullshit so nicely.  I heard the ecstatic reports yesterday that the housing market was rebounding nicely and wondered what very selective data led to that conclusion.  That is how I look at any such reports now-a-days--with a big dose of salt and crossed fingers.

Happy In Quilting posted some pictures of some utterly unbelievably inventive and beautiful quilts.  Take a look at some soul-soothing beauty.

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